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Welcome you to Our city Dalat. thank you for choosing Dalat at a place in your travel list. and taking time visiting our website today. Dalat Food Tours team honor to be here to listen to your needs.

Is it the first time you come to Dalat? Do you know why Dalat foods are so delicious and varied?
To answer this question, please join us to figure out where they came from and why they are so special like that.

Before 1893 There was only a Tribe living here, they was Lat Tribe and in their language " Da" means water. and they called their own land " Dalat" which means "water of Lat Tribe". They were used to catching wild animals for food like frogs, snacks, wild pigs ... so that we have very weird foods
when French came here they bring French foods here like Bánh Mỳ ( bread), Coffee with the filter, many kinds of vegetable like carrot, lettuce ... so yummy,

And Vietnamese came here for French construction and also after the war, they called Dalat, a new economy city so many people came here, people from the north, from the south, the middle coming here to search for new lands. because of the weather quite good, and the land here contains so much iron in red color very good for trees.
That is the reason why in Dalat now we have many foods from the whole country, luckily we think you don't need to go to Hue, Hanoi, or Hochiminh, or Mekong Delta, here we actually have all of their foods in Dalat.

Dalat is the homeland of vegetable, it so fresh. cool climate here suitable for you to eat hot foods and deep in the most beautiful romantic sceneries, spending time talking to our friendly food store owner will definitely bring you an unforgettable memory.

We are local tour guides who love Dalat city with all of our enthusiasm we were spending years strolling in Dalat and searching for the best foods and best places to eat. we want to contribute our ability to support you, to bring you closer with our Cuisine our charming culture. we all have international tour guide license and can contact to the local people around. hope you give us chance to serve you, become a part of your travel and create you the best experience in Dalat.


Highlight Tours

Street food tours

Our tour guide take you strolling downtown to try street foods in Dalat, you have chance to try many kinds of different foods made by locals in Dalat night

Price: 5 Usd


This is a chance for you to see the beauty of Dalat in the sunset, try local food and discover the night market,

Price: 0


Let's try Dalat specialties, this is a tour for people who want to try food make from weird animals you haven't try in western countries

Price: 0

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