Hue " Bánh Khoái":

The cake is a mix of colors. It is the yellow of the crust of bread crumbs with a bit of turmeric powder, the white color of the round stems, the red color of shrimp, the brown color of the fresh mushrooms. Dish also between the ivory color of slices of pork or mackerel, the fresh yellow of chicken eggs, the green of the pilgrimage leaves. All wrapped in a circular cake with a small plate, when accompanied with raw vegetables.

The dipping sauce is made from soy sauce. The taste of the soup in the pan is supposedly accounted for 50% of the deliciousness of the dish. It is a combination of the salty taste of soy sauce, the fatty taste of minced anchovies, the sweetness of the sugar, the taste of roasted peanuts.


Rice wrapped pork rolls (Da Nang):

The main secret of the dish is the pork fillet, which is a meat tenderloin chosen from the best part of the pig. Pork is steamed to keep the delicious, sweet taste of the meat when the cut pieces of fat are in the standard.

Eat with this dish can not lack vegetables. Once bread rolls, diners can feel the freshness of salads, the rich aroma of cinnamon, aromatic herbs, lettuce fish, the light taste of sliced banana slices along with the strange taste of shiso ... Wedge is the only dipping method of pork rolls; if replaced with other dipping sauces, it will lose its flavor and characteristics.