Delicious dishes of Da Lat price less than 10.000 VND.

Delicious dishes of Da Lat price less than 10 thousand: Crop, fried rice cakes, beefcakes or fried dough is the popular Dalat dishes that you should not miss when traveling Dalat. Not only taste delicious, these dishes also very soft price not more than 10.000 VND.


Bánh bèo chén Đà Lạt

Bánh bèo chén Đà Lạt a dish is a lot of young people love, in Da Lat you are not difficult to find the stores selling this food. In the midst of the cold air of Da Lat, sitting next to the hot cake with friends or lover is nothing more wonderful. The small cake is pretty small in the cup, the top is covered with a layer of shrimp or grease onion, while eating add more sweet fish sauce to add flavor.


Xap Xap

Listen to the name of the visitors are curious, but actually this is just dry beef salad with young Papaya, shredded peanut, fish sauce, herbs ... This dish is called to hear enlightened Because the sellers often go on a pile of scooters and hold the scissors constantly to make a beeping sound for everyone around, so people come and buy.


In Da Lat to enjoy this special Xắp xắp, you can go to the 99 f, Ba Trieu steakhouse, Hoang Van Thu Lake, Nguyen Van Troi ...

Bo Bia

Bo Bia is a familiar dish of young people in Dalat. The taste of the beef is very special. The sweetness of cassava, the taste of fried eggs, the richness of ribs, dots together with black sauce is great. This is a meal suitable for gathering friends or after a walk around Dalat and began to feel hungry.


Dalat Pizza

Da Lat people often called pizza is Vietnamese pizza, so if you go to Dalat not enjoy this dish is a pity. Raw materials for making baked cakes are simply roasted, greased, quail eggs or chicken, fish sauce, or other ingredients such as cheese, minced meat, butter. The price of a rice cake in Da Lat market fluctuated around 10 000 VND.

You can enjoy Dalat Pizza at Hoang Dieu - Tran Nhat Duat crossroads, 112 Nguyen Van Troi street, Ba Trieu street food stalls or Da Lat market.


Corn, baked potatoes

Grilled chopped onions along with roasted potatoes are two hot dishes that are very popular when the weather is cold. In the cold of the autumn evening, held in the hands of potato chips or corn to the broth and telling stories with your friends will make the fun warmer.


Fried dough

Fried flour in Dalat is a very delicious dish is quite famous here. The crispily fried crispy with the fatty taste of eggs, the smell of aromatic non-aromatic and sour taste of soy sauce made a dish of fried eggs extremely attractive. A crispy fried eggplant dish, eaten with green paprika, black soy sauce, satay in Da Lat is also quite cheap, often sold at Ba Trieu snack shop, fried dough Truong Cong Dinh, Bui Thi Xuan ...

Hot soy milk

Simply a hot cup of soybeans milk, but this is a familiar drink when the weather becomes cold Dalat's own. Feeling the glass of soy milk in hand with the smoke radiates warm.


Bánh mỳ xíu mại

Hot crispy bread suitable for rainy or cold nights. A dash of hot buns with a bit of spicy flavor will help you feel refreshed and energetic. You can visit the corner of the corner Tran Nhat Duat - Hoang Dieu, 16 Nguyen Chi Thanh, Hoa Binh ... to enjoy.