squid sausage(Quang Ninh):

The typical sea food in Quang Ninh Sea is a dish made from squid (only squid). 

The quality of Ha Long squid (crispy and long) is also due to processing techniques typical of the people of Ha Long City: squeeze puree by hand, wedge a bit of broken pepper and sauce, cut into small pieces flat, Bring fried, when cooked like a fried egg, yellow color ...

Tien Yen chicken (Quang Ninh):

Tien Yen chicken is a hill chicken, throughout the day climb steep, find the yellow skin, meat fragrant, fresh water. Tien Yen chicken meat can process all kinds of dishes, still, does not lose its characteristic flavor. But the best dish is still processed in the simplest way: boil. Tien Yen chicken after boiling, yellow skin as nursing technology and shine as just dipped fat. At first glance, you may be fat, but when you bite a piece, you find it brittle and sweet.

Tien Yen chicken meat served with buns nodded. The cake is coated with rice flour, rolled into the size of the big toe, inner cake, soft, flexible, not sticky.