Top 10 cafes should enjoy when traveling to Da Lat

Da Lat tourism, the night is the most idle time and boring with tourists. Because of the night, Dalat has very few tourist products for tourists to choose, so finding a quiet coffee shop is one of the good idea for a visit to Da Lat..

1. Da Lat Night

Dalat Night is located at the end of the pass, gateway to Da Lat city. With the high position, visitors can see the whole city of Dalat. The most beautiful when the night, when the dew falls down the city on the lights mixed with slightly foggy. Looking from above, the city is as magical in the quiet space of the night.


In the middle of the bar there is a piano, normally the restaurant will open the music for guests to enjoy, but when guests come to the owner will dip the music to the sound of the melodious music echoing throughout the space of the restaurant... Smooth music and bitter coffee, all disturbing thoughts of stressful working days seem to be melting, leaving only the soul for the dream of sublimation between this romantic space.

2. Rainy

This is a garden cafe is famous for young people as well as tourists every time to Dalat. The coffee shop is an open space with plants, lakes and especially artificial rain spray system regardless of rainy season or sunshine, you always feel the rain flowing down the roof of Da Lat The lake is in front, so the name is Rainy.


If you want to find a quiet space, romantic to chat, dating, this is definitely the best option for you. The restaurant is quite far from the city center to avoid the noise of the bustling streets.

Address: 24B / 1 Hung Vuong, Dalat.

3. Cung To Chieu

Brightly bold substance, an ancient monster. Cung To Chieu is a must if you travel to Da Lat. Quan located in the deserted hill next to the Palace III, special summer electricity of King Bao Dai. Strange in the open only at night, visitors to the bar must follow the cherished flash of light along the trail. The service is monstrous, not friendly hospitality, the owner is cold as ice when meeting guests, sometimes you have to wait for the new employees brought drinks.


But what is this café that attracts tourists is the monster owner - Giang. A middle-aged woman, 40, whose hair is always covered in cigarette smoke. Visitors to the water bar are asked by the owner to shut down the phone, do not talk noisily if the violation will be fired straight, every night she also receives a certain number of guests, enough she closed the shop and started. Guitar, without the microphone, speakers, lyric, her singing rustic, melodious in harmony, in the space of smoke cigarettes to the guests here as the heart again. soul

Address: 27K Le Hong Phong, Dalat.

4. Diễm Xưa In Da Lat

Diem Xua, hear the name of visitors can imagine this is a music shop music style music Trinh Cong Son. It can be said that this is a community of music lovers, love the old days of Dalat where you live in the deep space of the melody, the soul loves music.


The other burning desire to be crazy once in music, to escape the reality to the purest moments, or drunk with Trinh music to escape the world late trouble. The same strange that this coffee shop is called "crazy" coffee, the crazy of the music artist love Trinh.

Those who travel far here, want to mix with the quiet space of an ancient Da Lat, forget the life of the tired and tried to have real-life moments. Diem is a destination for such souls ...

Address: 20 Khe Sanh, Da Lat.

5. Tung coffee

Small shop narrowly nestled in the middle of the Peace of old and very old and nothing special. Little is known that this is one of the oldest restaurants in Dalat, with the owner of the Northern immigrants in more than half a century. Tung, the meeting place of famous artists such as Trinh Cong Son, Ngo Thuy Mien and still frequented until now as a photographer named "Phuoc Khung "- MPK. In the middle of the city, where the changing of the times, where the song of the late composer Trinh, was born, witnessing the first meeting between the songwriter and the girl At the age of 17, he was still Le Mai, before leaving Saigon to become Khanh Ly singer.


Tung furniture in the old, stairs iron rust clay dust time. Decorated with low tables, small seats wrapped in mattresses such as the style of coffee toad North decades ago so guests can sit opposite each other for warmth.

In Tung, traditional traditions like the past 50 years have been preserved and recorded in the middle of a dream. The songs of Vu Thanh An, Ngo Thuy An, Trinh Cong Son sang each other over the years and have not changed, to establish the identity of Tung alone. In the past, the hot cup of coffee in the cold weather, the poet selected Tung as a place to live, meet friends, talk poetry to get inspired by writing his work. Maybe, the poetry talented artists nestled in the corner that nodded to hear the same


6. Audiophile MP

MP Audiophile Da Lat is a small coffee shop located halfway up the hill, more than 1km from the center of Da Lat city. This is an ideal place for those who love the "right" sound and want to see this amazing audio system. The shop is designed in classic European style, simple and sophisticated, furniture is arranged in harmony with the light from the candles create a quiet space, warm also and romantic.

What better way to enjoy a jazzy melody with bitter coffee, close your eyes, drop yourself with music to listen to the sound of the band, from the rain splashing out, to feel about a romantic Dalat, nostalgic and charming.
Address: 17 Huyen Tran Cong Chua, Da Lat.

7. Tea Tung Duong
Duong Tung Tea has more than ten years, they still hold an altar with a picture of the candle as a symbol of the musicians Trịnh. They identified themselves as followers of a Dao, took the songs of Trinh music to do business daily ..

In order to escape the life of Saigon, the owner of Tung Duong restaurant to Dalat since 1988, he found himself a mediocre in the world of musicians frequented the shop. The most crowded at the weekend because he would be playing guitar on the stage singing songs of Trinh Cong Son, his idol. The shop is designed interconnected by vaulted doors, walls made from soil to the cold of the land of fog, the visitors must close together to keep warm or to hand up the candle. The table has been enjoying the deep tone, nostalgia for a charming old Da Lat and the love story has passed in life.

Address: 06 Dong Tam, Da Lat.

8. Thuy Ta coffee

The origin of Thuy Ta coffee is a water sports club of the French, later the water is too cold, French people did not use anymore. After that, the restaurant was re-assigned to Lam Dong Tourism Service Joint-stock Company, which managed to be repaired into an elegant café, shining on the side of the lake.

Tourists here to sip coffee, watching Xuan Huong Lake, hill, the road along the lake just feel the cold from the green water of Xuan Huong Lake to iron up the soul.

Address: 2-4 Tran Quoc Toan, Da Lat.

9. Old coffee shop

The warm brown wood surrounds the space of the shop with light-filled glass windows that give the visitor a warm and romantic feeling. Space is designed in harmony with the old cars, the rough lines of the car through the talented hands of the artist becomes elegant and harmonious.

The evening under the light yellow, space becomes contemplative, blurred
Address: 26/1 Ba Thang Tu, Da Lat.

10. Bicycle Up

Small - Single and Strange, these are the things you will admire when coming to Bicycle Up Coffee. The owner is architectural, so what he designed have a purpose, causing people to enter the restaurant also surprised and fascinated before the layout in each corner of the bar space.

When entering the shop you will find a menu written on the door with school colors, all of the items here are single, old but he was designed very talented and lovely to strange. From the text on the menu to the desk phone, the rice mug, the metal children's sewing machine, the old waterfalls create a unique space full of creativity. This is really a coffee shop Dalat quality with a romantic look to serve you will satisfy.

Address: 82 Truong Cong Dinh, Da Lat.