Dalat Wine

Travel to Dalat, you will be ecstatic in front of colorful flowers, enjoy countless delicious fruit, eat fresh and nutritious specialties and you can hardly ignore the famous wine here.
Dalat wine was officially born at the end of 1999.
Dalat wine is made from grapes, after fermentation, fermentation, filtering according to the standard of the product.

dalat grape wine


Depending on the criteria that different types of wine are classified as grape varieties, by color, by natural sugar, by added sugar, sorted by age ... But in this article Introduce to you the grape sort. Sort by grape, the wine is divided into two types:
Wine with grape varieties (named with the original grapes: Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon ...)
Wine with grape color (named after the color: Red wine, white wine ...)

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Production process.

The process of making a good bottle of wine is wonderful and the artisan must have a full wine experience as well as a grape - the main ingredient of the wine.
The first is the harvest of grapes: This stage is very important. Depending on the purpose of creating wine products that the artist picked grapes picked at the right time. Most artisans choose the time to pick grapes by observing the color and trying the grapes according to their own experience.
Next is grape juice extracting process: This process is done through the squeegee and stripping system.

dalat vang 3

Then the fermentation process:

The fermentation process is applied according to traditional methods because it is highly effective and stable. The important factor in this process is the temperature, with a certain temperature, the resulting product has a distinct flavor.
Filtration and smoothing process: Filtration system is introduced to filter out more crystal, no residue. Filtration and smoothing methods can be used many times during the wine making process.
Incubation process: This process aims to create harmony and stability of taste and quality. Often wine is incubated for 3 to 6 months or 2 to 3 years.
Mixing method: This is the most popular process for artisans to make wine because of the blends that make the products have their own characteristics and stable quality.
Bottling process: This process is not too complicated but requires carefulness to avoid the oxidation, infection during bottling resulting in taste change.

dalat wine barrel for fermentation

The use of Dalat wine.

Wines generally serve as a drink combined with other appetizers.
Good for bowel gut, reduce obesity, increase longevity.
Helps to beautiful skin, make hair glossier.
Use as a spice when cooking some European dishes.

dalat wine 2

How to enjoy

Each wine has a way to enjoy and how to choose a separate drink. Depending on the needs you use the wine for a reasonable.

Methods of preservation

After buying wine if you do not intend to use it immediately should preserve wine in a cool place, put a bottle on the side of the cork to not dry.
Do not leave alcohol under sunlight or other heat sources.
Do not leave the bottle in the refrigerator freezer.
When not finished, the cork should be closed for storage in the refrigerator and should use the rest within 48h.
With attractive flavor, Dalat wine is full of trust as well as customer satisfaction. This is a meaningful gift for the holidays.

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