Rice noodles with Tilapia:

The perch is boiled up, remove pieces of meat, marinate for real and then fry the rice, or pellet the pellets into a bowl of noodles. The presence of finely chopped fish, freshly cut turmeric, crispy fried meat of fried seabass makes the taste incredibly attractive.

The water of the noodle bowl is pure tilapia made from perch, not adding bones. Put in a fresh fish section, two and a half servings of water until meat and fish bones disintegrate, filter out the fish, get juice and spice. 

On the bowl, the vegetables are fresh, can also be eaten with green vegetables, chrysanthemums or vegetables need to add a layer of smooth caviar, yellow gold to make a bowl of vermicelli more attractive.

Crab cake (Hai Phong):

The crab cake is a rustic dish that is close to the people of Hai Phong Harbor.

A bowl of multi-crab cake delicious, attractive must converge all five colors: pink brown of crab bricks, multi-colored dark brown rice, dark green of vegetables, watermelon, green onion, bright red pepper and yellow The onions of dried onions.